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Murder Defense & Violent Crimes


Murder Defense & Violent Crimes


Murder Defense & Violent Crimes

Murder charges are as serious as it gets. If you’re convicted, you’ll be looking at significant time in prison and maybe even the death penalty. You need to prepare for the fight of your life by choosing an experienced and dedicated attorney to defend you until the last possible moment.

When your case is being investigated by law enforcement officers and prosecutors, there will be many quick assumptions and theories trying to prove your guilt instead of seeking out the whole truth. Prosecutors will seek the harshest punishment possible. Additionally, the judge and jury are susceptible to emotions running high, and prosecutors will try to appeal to their emotions. Nimz Law will prepare to defend your rights, your freedom, and your future against the quick judgments and emotional appeals.

At Nimz Law, we understand the severity of your case. We carefully investigate every part of your case, finding the strengths and weaknesses to highlight the best possible path to saving your freedom.

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