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Driving While Intoxicated: Texas DWI Guide

A DWI in Texas can cost you up to $10,000. Many penalties occur before you even go to court, so it is important to act quickly. If you are arrested for DWI your license will be suspended for up to two years even if you are not convicted. You will be charged by a bondsman to get out of jail and you will have to report to him weekly. You will have to pay reinstatement fees of $125.00 when you do get your license back. You will be required to carry expensive SR-22 insurance and may have to have an breathalyzer in your car or at home costing up to at $80 a month. You will have surcharges on your license up to $4,500. If you are convicted you can receive up to six months in jail and a $2,000 fine plus all court costs.

The best way to avoid a DWI is not to drink and drive, but even sober people get arrested for DWI. An officer doesn’t do tests to let you go home, he does the tests to put you in jail. You have a right to refuse all tests. Don’t give them any evidence to use against you and always make sure you hire an experienced DWI trial lawyer.

  1. Ask for your lawyer to be present for all tests and questioning.
  2. NO TESTS!
  3. NO Eye tests without your lawyer.
  4. NO Walking tests without your lawyer.
  5. NO Breath tests without your lawyer.
  6. NO Blood tests without your lawyer
  7. Be polite and courteous to the officer.
  8. Don’t answer questions about what you had to drink or where you have been without your lawyer.
    The breath test machine is junk. You have a right to refuse to take a breath test because the machine is inaccurate. Tell the officer if you don’t believe in the machine. Even if you pass the breath test, they will still arrest and charge you with DWI!
  9. Hire a lawyer who knows DWI from start to finish and who is willing to go to trial and fight for you.

If you have been arrested for DWI, call me today at 940-766-5335 to talk about you case.